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Rescue is a transitional and unstable world. The 6th extinction is well underway and oceans are in a bad shape. Through continued unpredictability there was a rise of fatalism and despair in human population. Due to climate events there is a high level of migration that made the 'business as usual' from 2015 unsustainable. The problems have proven bigger than the growth economy could bear. In order to survive, humans began exploring alternative modes of living and working focusing on increasing resilience. All measures are put in place to adapt to a raging climate chaos, including a new governance system linking local and regional politics with global regulations. An eco-military discipline reigns at global levels, while local structures have a bottom-up governance driven by social, cultural and eco-spiritual values. Sustainable agriculture and aquaculture are now practiced around the globe. People are active and committed on all levels. A relative social stability is gaining ground through a.o. a fair redistribution of wealth.

Realising a precarious and fragile position of humanity on an angry Earth, there are two strategies that the global governance encourages: (1) re-investment in oceans as stabilising factors and (2) investments to the space programme. New coral arks and ocean rehab clinics are spreading. Marine CoLABoration is at the forefront of this ocean regeneration. Its members put people’s appetite for engagement to good use and work on global morale maintenance, attempting to rise beyond the survival mode and into transformation of human society and the planet.




How could the Marine CoLABoration change the world?

Marine CoLABoration supports effective collaboration within and between nested levels of governance. We restore the links between the ocean and wider society

One of four scenarios designed at the first workshop of Marine CoLABoration:

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