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Imagine… an equitable world with high levels of wellbeing and engagement where values have shifted away from the purely economic to include environmental, social and cultural values. Through a ‘circular’ economy there is gradually less waste, less consumption and less CO2 emissions. Renewable energy investments have boomed due to subsidies and investments that move away from fossil fuels. Business has transformed from being exploitative to restorative, continually experimenting with new adaptation and mitigation activities in response to climate change. There are even hints of regeneration and slowing climate change. Local and regional businesses are connected in trans-local and supra-regional networks governed by global regulations that foster sustainability and a reallocation of subsidies and wealth. Nation states are slowly becoming outmoded. There is more economic and political engagement on all levels with a healthy reverence for the environment. The creed ‘act locally think globally’ has found its practical application in this world.

Marine CoLABoration is a leading global unit for oceans, a key partner in new global ocean agreements. Oceans are seen as places that not only possess but also create value, and are finally accepted as treasures of humanity and indispensable climate change buffers. Oceans are Imagine…’s lifeblood.




How could the Marine CoLABoration change the world?

Marine CoLABoration is a true global collaboration that shares and supports existing and and novel solutions. We provide a connection of ideas and innovations from local to global using established and new partnerships.

One of four scenarios designed at the first workshop of Marine CoLABoration:

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