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“Passengers for Buenos Aires, we wil now proceed to boarding”. It is the fifth airport I am visiting in the past month. A bit too much to my taste. After San Francisco, London and Hong-Kong, I am now flying to South America to give one of my short talks on “Biomimicry: bridging Space and Green Economy” as a Keynote Speaker in a world-class leader conference.

Four conferences a month on four different continents is a bit too much. I had to increase my meditation time and get some additional tips from my instructor, Consuelo. I am looking forward to spend some time in Curitiba with my sister afterwards, and have some long walks in the wild forests of South Brazil.

I just squeezed a call to Martino, who helps my family to take care of my Self-Sustainable Domain in Italy when I am away. He needed some instructions on how to prune the fruit tree which will feed us with jams & juices for the upcoming year.

In the plane, I will have to design my new workshop offer. I have a request from the Environmental Programs of United Nations. They want an “hands-on” practical workshop on “Artificial Ecosystems for Development”. Fortunately, they want it to take place in Nairobi. I will spend a week in the wild afterwards, sharing some meditation rituals with local chamans, and maybe learning some traditional African insights on preventive health.

While waiting in the queue to enter the plane, I quickly confirm that I want to renew my monthly donations to Action Contre la Faim, Aides and Unicef for one more year. One thousands euros each. This seems like a good help.

I also quickly update my Facebook status, and virtually wave to my followers coming tomorrow in Brazil. This reminds me I have to send an e-mail to my assistant mentioning the names of the three students who won the “Creative Artificial Ecosystems” contest I launched in Brazil. We will have a “Greet & Meet” together after the conference.

I will not forget to mention to my assistant to book no more than three events per month from now on, and subsequently raise my fees. Four continents a month is too much. Didn't I say, back then, when I was 25, that I wanted to slow down?

Scenario narratives:

Scenario axes:

  • implementation on the edges ↔ specialised theory
  • constrained activities and sleepless starvation ↔ complete lifestyle freedom
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